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Yadgir Division

Names Designation  Grade Office  Working Place Division/Unit
1 M. P. Sriharibabu Divisional Controller Class-I (SR) 7760992450 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
2 Chandrakanth H. Divisional Mechanical Engineer Class-I (JR) 7760992451 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
3 Ramesh Kumar Patil Divisional Traffic Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992452 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
4 K. H. Havaldar Assistant Executive Engineer Class-I (JR) 7760992453 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
5 Sridevi Security & Vigilance Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992461 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
6 Prashant Kumar Assistant Store Officer Class-II 7760992454 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
7 Pampangouda Assistant Accounts Officer Class-II 7760992460 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
8 Appasahebgouda Biradar Assistant Statistical Officer (I/C) Class-II 7795662858 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
9 Praveen Yarnal Depot Manager Class-II 7760992463 Yadgir Depot Yadgir Division
10 Palakshi Harti Depot Manager Class-II 7760992464 Shahapur Depot Yadgir Division
11 Bhadrappa Depot Manager Class-II 7760992467 Surpur Depot Yadgir Division
12 Kamanna Divisional Work Superitendent (I/C) Class-III 7760992455 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
13 Saibanna Administrative Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992456 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
14 Pavitra Traffic Inspector Class-III 7760992458 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
15 Md. Faisal Furkhan JADEO (Law Dept) Class-III 7760992459 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
16 Ravishankar Patange Depot Manager Class-II 7760992465 Gurmitkal Depot Yadgir Division
17 Shivashankar Traffic Controller Class-III 7760992449 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
18 Sanganna Divisional Security Inspector Class-III 7760992398 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
19 Raghu Kumar Establishment Supervisor Class-III 6366953309 Divisional Office Yadgir Division
20 Nagaraj Assistant Traffic Inspector Class-III 7624984417 Yadgir Depot Yadgir Division
21 Bhimashankar Chargeman Class-III 7624984418 Yadgir Depot Yadgir Division
22 R. D. Kallimani Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7624984419 Yadgir Depot Yadgir Division
23 Siddaling Assistant Accountant Class-III 7624984420 Yadgir Depot Yadgir Division
24 Pandurang Kulkarni Traffic Inspector Class-III 7624984421 Shahapur Depot Yadgir Division
25 Mallikarjun Chargeman Class-III 7624984422 Shahapur Depot Yadgir Division
26 M. H. Badiger Traffic Controller Class-III 7624984425 Gurmitkal Depot Yadgir Division
27 Ashok Doddamani Chargeman Class-III 7624984426 Gurmitkal Depot Yadgir Division
28 Govardhan Singh Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7624984427 Gurmitkal Depot Yadgir Division
29 Ramreddy Assistant Accountant Class-III 7624984428 Gurmitkal Depot Yadgir Division
30 Ravikumar Assistant Traffic Inspector Class-III 7795662850 Surpur Depot Yadgir Division
31 Bheemashankar Chargeman Class-III 7624984430 Surpur Depot Yadgir Division
32 Deekshit Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7624984431 Surpur Depot Yadgir Division
33 Anjaneya Assistant Accountant Class-III 7624984432 Surpur Depot Yadgir Division
34 Control Room-cum-Help Desk Traffic Controller Class-III 6366423882 Central Bustand  Yadgir Division



Sl. No. Designation  Office Landline Numbers Fax Numbers
1 Bus-Stand, Yadgiri 08473-252304 -
2 Bus-Stand, Gurumithakal 08473-225025 -


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