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Vijayapur Division

Names Designation  Grade Office  Residence Working Place Division/Unit
1 M. A. Mulla Divisional Controller Class-I (SR) 7760992250   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
2 A. H. Madabhavi Divisional Mechanical Eingineer (I/C) Class-I (JR) 7760992251   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
3 D. A. Biradar Divisional Traffic Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992252   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
4 J. B. Jogannavar Assistant Executive Engineer Class-I (JR) 7760992253   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
5 Narasappa Adrangi Law officer Class-I (JR) 7760992259   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
6 Sanjivkumar Assistant Sty Officer Class-II 7760992261   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
7 Sudhakar prased Store Officer Class-II 7760992254   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
8 Megha Kumbar Divisional Work Superintendent Class-II 7760992255   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
9 Suresh Narasing Hajeri Administrative Officer Class-II 7760992256   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
10 Roopa Desai Assistant Traffic Superintendent Class-III 7349445048   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
11 Jayavanth Assistant Statistical Officer (I/C) Class-II 7760992257   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
12 J.K.Huggennaver Assistant Traffic Manager  Class-II 7760992258   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
13 Mahantesh Karale Accounts Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992260   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
14 Dilshad Begum Jamadar Assistant Labour & Welfare Officer Class-II 7760992262   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
15 M. R. Lamanni Depot Manager Class-I (JR) 7760992263   Vijayapur Depot-1 Vijayapura Division
16 A. B. Hugar Depot Manager Class-II 7760992264   Vijayapur Depot-2 Vijayapura Division
17 A. A. Bhovi Depot Manager Class-II 7760914008   Vijayapur Depot-3 Vijayapura Division
18 Rahul honsure Depot Manager (I/C) Class-II 7760992265   Indi Depot Vijayapura Division
19 S. M. Walikar Depot Manager Class-II 7760992266   Sindagi Depot Vijayapura Division
20 B.B.chittawadagi Depot Manager  Class-II 7760992267   Muddebihal Depot Vijayapura Division
21 Ashok Bhovi Depot Manager Class-II 7760992268   Talikot Depot Vijayapura Division
22 P. K. Jadhav Depot Manager Class-II 7760992269   B.Bagewadi Depot Vijayapura Division
23 Shrishaila kummar Asst Traffice Inspecter Class-II 7760992270   Reservation Bustand  Vijayapura Division
24 M.C.Hotkar Jr.Engineer (Ele) Class-III 7760992273   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
25 Sanjeevkumar Divisional Security Superintendent Class-III 7760992274   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
26 A.A Panparosh (DC PA) Class-III 9606908861   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
27 A. O. Wadiyar Establishment Superintendent  Class-III 9606908862   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
28 A. A. Momin Statistical Assistant   Class-III 9606908863   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
29 S. P. Salunkhe Traffic Controller Class-III 9606908864   Vijayapur Depot-2 Vijayapura Division
30 S. R. Mirajkar Establishment Supervisor (I/C) Class-III 9606908865   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
31 N. H. Teli Accounts Superintendent  Class-III 9606908867   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
32 I.D Tondikatti Chargeman Class-III 9606908868   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
33 Ramesh Rathod Stores Keeper Class-III 9606908869   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
34 D.Y Damballa Asst Traffice Supdt Class-III 9606908870   Central Bustand  Vijayapura Division
35 Revansiddappa Khainur Asst Traffice Supdt Class-III 7625062935   Vijayapur Depot-1 Vijayapura Division
36 Manjunath sajjan Chargeman Class-III 7625062936   Vijayapur Depot-1 Vijayapura Division
37 S. S. Somapur Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7625062937   Vijayapur Depot-1 Vijayapura Division
38 B. S. Navalagi Accounts Supervisor Class-III 7625062938   Vijayapur Depot-1 Vijayapura Division
39 L. B. Doddamani Traffic Inspector Class-III 7625062939   Vijayapur Depot-2 Vijayapura Division
40 Gopichand Lamani Chargeman Class-III 7625062940   Vijayapur Depot-2 Vijayapura Division
41 S. H. Jombure Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7625062941   Vijayapur Depot-2 Vijayapura Division
42 Parasappa Dannyala Accounts Supervisor Class-III 7625062942   Vijayapur Depot-2 Vijayapura Division
43 Sadashiv Bajantri  Traffic Inspector Class-III 7625062943   Vijayapur Depot-3 Vijayapura Division
44 S. S. Pawar Chargeman Class-III 7625062944   Vijayapur Depot-3 Vijayapura Division
45 K. S. Naik Accounts Supervisor Class-III 7625062946   Vijayapur Depot-3 Vijayapura Division
46 Dankka Jodamute Traffic Inspector Class-III 7625062947   Indi Depot Vijayapura Division
47 R. C. Halli Chargeman Class-III 7625062948   Indi Depot Vijayapura Division
48 A. B. Taradi Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7625062949   Indi Depot Vijayapura Division
49 A. B. Taradi Accounts Supervisor (I/C) Class-III 7625062950   Indi Depot Vijayapura Division
50 S.R.Rathod Traffic Inspector Class-III 7625062951   Sindagi Depot Vijayapura Division
51 N. N. Jadav Chargeman Class-III 7625062952   Sindagi Depot Vijayapura Division
52 Rupa Desai Assistant Traffic Superintendent Class-III 7625062953   Divisional Office Vijayapura Division
53 Anand Badiger Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7625062954   Sindagi Depot Vijayapura Division
54 R.L.Jadav Assistant Traffic Superintendent Class-III 7625062955   Muddebihal Depot Vijayapura Division
55 H.B Nadap AWS Class-III 7625062956   Muddebihal Depot Vijayapura Division
56 Bapugouda Patil Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7625062957   Muddebihal Depot Vijayapura Division
57 Bapugouda Patil Accounts Supervisor Class-III 7625062958   Muddebihal Depot Vijayapura Division
58 Ningangouda Biradar Traffic Inspector Class-III 7625062959   Talikot Depot Vijayapura Division
59 B.Y Hotakar AWS Class-III 7625062960   Talikot Depot Vijayapura Division
60 B. B. Chokavi Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7625062961   Talikot Depot Vijayapura Division
61 Davalmalik Nadap Accounts Supervisor (I/C) Class-III 7625062962   Talikot Depot Vijayapura Division
62 S.B.Pattar Asst Traffice Supdt Class-III 7625062963   B.Bagewadi Vijayapura Division
63 Ramesh Talikoti Chargeman Class-III 7625062964   B.Bagewadi Vijayapura Division
64 J.G.Kabadad Establishment Supervisor(I/C) Class-III 7625062965   B.Bagewadi Vijayapura Division
65 A. G. Kotawal Accounts Supervisor Class-III 7625062966   B.Bagewadi Vijayapura Division
66 Control Room-cum-Help Desk Traffic Controller Class-III 6366423887   Central Bustand  Vijayapura Division



Sl. No. Designation  Office Landline Numbers Fax Numbers
1 Divisional Controller 08352-271357 08352-271243
2 Assistant Store Officer 08352-272627  
3 Assistant Statistical  Officer 08352-271951  
4 Assistant Traffic Manager Central Bus-stand Vijayapur 08352-251344  
5 Depot Manager Vijayapur-1 08352-272263  
6 Depot Manager Vijayapur-2 08352-272111  
7 Depot Manager Indi 08359-225083  
8 Depot Manager Sindagi 08488-200784  
9 Depot Manager Muddebihal 08356-220187  
10 Depot Manager Talikot 08356-267437  


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