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Raichuru Division


Names Designation  Grade Office  Email Working Place Division/Unit
1 J Mohammed Faiz Divisional Controller Class-I (SR) 7760992350 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
2 Hassan Ali Divisional Mechanical Eingineer Class-I (JR) 7760992351 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
3 Devanand Biradar Divisional Traffic Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992352 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
4 Ravikumar Dy Labour & Welfare Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992356 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
5 Annappa Assistant Executive Engineer (Civil) Class-I (JR) 7760992357 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
6 M.A.Bakar Law Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992358 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
7 Ravi kumar Assistant Administrative Officer Class-II 7760992353 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
8 Ramesh Agasar Security & Vigilance Officer   Class-II 7760992354 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
9 K. Mahantesh Assistant Store Officer (I/C) Class-II 7760992359 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
10 Hassan Ali Assistant Statistical Officer (I/C) Class-II 7760992360 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
11 SanthoshKumar Kallas Depot Manager Class-II 7760992364 Raichur Depot-2 Raichuru Division
12 R Y Honasaoore Depot Manager Class-II 7760992365 Lingasugur Depot Raichuru Division
13 Sadashiva Sheelavantha Depot Manager Class-II 7760992368 Devadurga Depot Raichuru Division
14 SanthoshKumar Shetty Depot Manager Class-II 7619351087 Raichur Depot-3 Raichuru Division
15 Prakash Doddamani Depot Manager Class-II 7760992366 Sindhanoor Depot Raichuru Division
16 Adappa Depot Manager Class-II 7760992361 Maski Depot Raichuru Division
17 Yuvaraj Assistant Accounts Officer (I/C) Class-II 7760992355 Divisional Office Raichuru Division
18 Ramangouda Depot Manager (I/C) Class-II 7760992367 Manvi Depot Raichuru Division
19 Sanganna Divisional Security sudt Class-II 7760992371   Security Section Raichuru Division
20 Nagaraj Divisional Works Superintendent (I/C) Class-III 9663457788   Divisional Workshop Raichuru Division
21 Ullas Joshi Junior Engineer (Civil) Class-III 7625063223   Divisional Office Raichuru Division
22 Sahibanna Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7619306043   Divisional Office Raichuru Division
23 Anjeneyya Accounts Suprdt Class-III 7619306044   Divisional Office Raichuru Division
24 Parasappa Nagur Traffic Inspector Class-III 7625063162   Raichur Depot-3 Raichuru Division
25 Mareppa ATI Class-III 7625063166   Raichur Depot-2 Raichuru Division
26 Shashidhar Chargeman  Class-III 7625063167   Raichur Depot-2 Raichuru Division
27 Security Section Security Guard Class-III 7625063168    Raichur Depot-2  Raichuru Division
28 Govardhana Chargeman Class-III 7625063171   Lingasugur Depot Raichuru Division
29 Srikanth Kudri Assistant Traffic Inspector Class-III 7625063174   Sindhanoor Depot Raichuru Division
30 Hanumanthraya Traffic Controller Class-III 7625063178   Manvi Depot Raichuru Division
31 Ramesh Patti Head Mechanic Class-III 7625063183   Devadurga Depot Raichuru Division
32 Nagaraj Traffic Inspector Class-III 7625063186   Maski Depot Raichuru Division
33 Ashok Kumar Chargeman  Class-III 7625063187   Maski Depot Raichuru Division
34 Mahesh Kumar Assistant Accountant Class-III 7625063189   Maski Depot Raichuru Division
35 Ramakant Establishment Supritendent Class-III 7619306042   Divisional Office Raichuru Division
36 Rehana Sultana Personal Assistant Class-III 7760992369   Divisional Office Raichuru Division
37 Md. Malik Art Class-III 7625063175   Sindhnur Depot Raichuru Division
38 Chandrakala Traffic Controller Class-III 7760992370   Central Bustand  Raichuru Division
39 Hanumantappa/Rajasab Traffic Controller Class-III 9606448406   Lingasugur Bus stand Raichuru Division
40 M A Azeem Security Havildar Class-III 7625063164   Sindhanoor Bus stand Raichuru Division
41 Ravikori Security Havildar Class-III 7625063172   Manvi Bus stand Raichuru Division
42 Giriyappa Security Havildar Class-III 7625063175   Sirwar Bus stand Raichuru Division
43 Jameel Ahmed Security Havildar Class-III 7625063180   Mudgal Bus stand Raichuru Division
44 Huligeppa Security Havildar Class-III 7625063184   Maski Bus stand Raichuru Division
45 Syed Ahmed Security Havildar Class-III 7625063188   Raichur Depot-3 Raichuru Division
46 Controll Room Cum Help Desk Driver cum Conductor Class-III 6366423883   Lingasugur Depot Raichuru Division
47 Hanumantha Traffic Controller Class-III 6366953308   Sindhanoor Depot Raichuru Division
48 Hanumantha DR-11 Class-III 7795662873   Manvi Depot Raichuru Division
49 Basavaraj Traffic Controller Class-III 7795662872   Devadurga Depot Raichuru Division
50 Shankar gouda Traffic Controller Class-III 7795662877   Maski Depot Raichuru Division
51 Hanumanthappa Traffic Controller Class-III 7795662878   Divisional Office Raichuru Division
52 Gundappa Traffic Controller Class-III 7795662876      
53 Sheelappa ATI Class-III 7760992363      
54 Pavan kumar Assistant Accountant(IC) Class-III 7625063177      



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