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Names Designation  Grade Office  Resi. Working Place Division/Unit
1 Rajkumar Patil Telkur Chairman -     Central Office Central Office
2 M.Rachappa  Managing Director  KAS (SG) 7899930137   Central Office Central Office
3 Santosh Gogeri  Chief Mechanical Engineer Class-I (SG) 7760992001   Mechanical Central Office
4 Ashraf K.M. Chief Personnel Manager  Class-I (SG) 7760996162   EST Central Office
5 V.H. Santoshkumar Chief Traffic Manager  Class-I (SG) 7760992000 6366953326 TRAFFIC Central Office
6 Basavaraj C Belgavi Chief Accounts Officer /FA Class-I (SG) 7760992005 6366236099 ACCOUNTS Central Office
7 K. V. Manjunath  Controller of Stores & Purchase Class-I (SG) 7760686172   STORES Central Office
8 R. V. Puranik Chief Planning and Statistical Officer (I/C) Class-I (SG)     MIS Central Office
9 M. Anwar Javeed Dy Chief Law Officer  (I/C) Class-I (SR) 7899930161 7625062945 LAW Central Office
10 Santosh Gogeri (Safe Custody) Chief System Manager (17/1) Class-I (SR) 7760995538 7795662928 SYSTEM Central Office
11 Mehaboob Sab  Chief Civil Eingineer (I/C) Class-I (SG) 7349101808   CIVIL Central Office
12 Sridevi G.S Chief Labour and Welfare Officer Class-I (SR) 7760992065    LABOUR Central Office
13 Sridevi G.S Dy Chief Accounts Officer  Class-I (SG) 7760992006 9108000706 ACCOUNTS Central Office
14 Sudhanva Kuknur (I/A) Dy Chief Accounts Officer (Internal Audit) Class-I (SR) 6366374979   ACCOUNTS Central Office
15 Anand Bandrakalli Dy.Chief Security & Vigilance Officer  Class-I (SR) 7760992026 6366236098 SECUIRITY Central Office
16 Mallikarjun Degalmadi Dy Chief Personnel Manager  Class-I (SR) 7760992049 7795662907 EST Central Office
17 C.S.Fulekar Dy Chief Traffic Manager (Oprn & Comm) Class-I (SR) 7760992024   TRAFFIC Central Office
18 Chandrashekhar M.A Dy Chief Traffic Manager (Oprn & Comm) Class-I (SR) 7795895832   TRAFFIC Central Office
19 Mahipal S Begar Labour & Welfare Officer  Class-I (JR) 9108002629   LABOUR Central Office
20 Shivappa J. Statistical Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992046   MIS Central Office
21 Satish Manganavar Store Officer Class-I (JR)     STORES Central Office
22 Kumari Saraswati Telkur Asst.Store Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992029   STORES Central Office
23 R. V. Puranik Dy. Chief Mechanical Engineer Class-I (JR) 7760992010   Mechanical Central Office
24 Manjunath Administrative Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992009   EST Central Office
25 Suresh S. Pattar Asst Executive Engineer (Civil) Class-I (JR) 7760992018   CIVIL Central Office
26 Rajshekhar Asst Executive Engineer (Elect) Class-I (JR) 7760992064   CIVIL Central Office
27 Bailappa Biradar Divisional Traffic Officer Class-I (JR) 7760992023   TRAFFIC Central Office
28 Sharadadevi Divisional Traffic Officer Class-I (JR) 7760994475   TRAFFIC Central Office
29 Prabhuling Swamy Personnel Secretary Class-II 7795662969   MD Office Central Office
30 Gurulingapa Farutabad Assistant Administrative Officer Class-II 7795895833   EST Central Office
31 Basvantappa B.M. Accounts Officer Class-II 7760992007   ACCOUNTS Central Office
32 C.S Ravi Kumar Assistant Accounts Officer  Class-II     ACCOUNTS Central Office
33 Shilpa Bhurli Accounts Superintendent Class-II 7760993438   ACCOUNTS Central Office
34 Shashikanth Personal Secretary to CPM Class-II 7760992277   EST Central Office
35 Maitreyee Assisstant System Manager Class-II 9606068475   SYSTEM Central Office
36 Ravindra Reddy  Assisstant Traffic Manager Class-II 7760992047   TRAFFIC Central Office
37 Udayakumar Asst Executive Engineer (Elect) Class-II 6366953307   CIVIL Central Office
38 Md Miraz lslam Sotres Superintendent Class-II 7625063224   STORES Central Office
39 Bhimashankar Assistant Traffic Superintendent Class-III 9108000707   TRAFFIC Central Office
40 Venkappa B. Kshatri Establishment Supervisor (DFL) Class-III 8197830277   EST Central Office
41 Raghavendra Desai Establishment Supervisor Class-III 7760992291   Mechanical Central Office
42 Yellappa Dalapati Establishment Superintendent (I/C) Class-III 9731352177   EST Central Office
43 Ravichandran Establishment Supervisor Class-III     EST Central Office
44 Sharad Desapande Establishment Supervisor Class-III 9606068317   CIVIL Central Office
45 Manjunath B. System Superintendent Class-III 7760992016   SYSTEM Central Office
46 Venkatesh S. Patil System Supervisor Class-III 9606448428   SYSTEM Central Office
47 Sumitra Accounts Supervisor Class-III 7625063221   ACCOUNTS Central Office
48 Annemma Accounts Supervisor Class-III 7795662902   ACCOUNTS Central Office
49 Dattatreya Accounts Supervisor Class-III 7795662904   ACCOUNTS Central Office
50 Anitha Accounts Supervisor Class-III 7795662905   ACCOUNTS Central Office
51 Sangappa Chetter AWS Class-III 7760996691   Mechanical Central Office
52 savithribai Establishment Supervisor  Class-III 7349445392   EST Central Office
53 Nanda Junior Engineer (civil) Class-III Spl Gr     CIVIL Central Office
54 Sumangala Junior Engineer (elect) Class-III     CIVIL Central Office
55 Airtel Helpline ADM Class-III     EST Central Office
56 Mansing Statstical Supervisor Class-III     MIS Central Office
57 Siddappa Phalki PF Trusty Class-III 7760992030   ACCOUNTS Central Office
58 Abdul Hameed Hundekar JADEO (AWTAR) Class-III 8197829608   TRAFFIC Central Office
59 Ravindra Assistant (Commercial) Class-III 8197829609   TRAFFIC Central Office
60 RCT Helpline  RCT Class-III 6366374977   EST Central Office
61 Srinivasalu V. Gasthi Personal Secretary to MD Class-III 7795662855   MD Office Central Office
62 Mohd. Hafeej Ali Driver to MD Class-III 7760992063   MD Office Central Office
63 Srikant Biradar Driver to MD Class-III 9663805599   MD Office Central Office
64 Control Room-cum-Help Desk Controller Class-III 6366423878   TRAFFIC Central Office
65 Bellappa JADEO Class-III 6366953310   Liaison Cell Central Office



Sl. No. Designation  Office Landline Numbers Fax Numbers
1 Chairman  08472-259179  
2 Managing Director  08472-224192 08472-262759
3 Managing Director's Residence 08472-226266 Residence
4 Chief Security & Villagnce Office  08472-260240 -
5 Chief Planning & Statistical Officer 08472-262206 -
6 Chief Traffic Manager  08472-255695 -
7 Store Officer 08472-260502 -
9 Establishment Section 08472-227687 -

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