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Traffic Dept









Regarding  implementation of Mobile Handled Billing Machines(POS Machine for Logistics Systems in KSRTC




About issuing bus passes for disabled persons in the year 2022




Passengers on the buses are not allowed to use phones in loudspeakers




Regarding payment of additional allowance (SOT)




Revised luggage fare carried in KKRTC bus

Circular 576 13.07.2021

SSLC Students are allowed to travel in corporation buses to exam centers with
admission card during examinations.

Circular 164 22.04.2021 About extnding the  Monthly Bus Pass period.
Circular 4000 20.02.2020 About permitting secondary PUC students to board exam buses with exam admission test during exam period
Circular 3999 20.02.2020 About permitting secondary SSLC students to board exam buses with exam admission test during exam period
Circular 1524/2019 30.12.2019

Revision of the amount of interim compensation paid to the heirs of the deceased in fatal accidents

Circular 557/2019 06.12.2012

About allowing Electronic Copy of ID for Passengers Booking in advance during travelling

Circular 550/2019 15.10.2019

Revision of Two Wheeler and Car Parking Rates at kkrtc Bus Stations

Circular 546/2019 25.09.2019

About revamping the minimum space allocated for Ground Based Masts

General Standing Order 164/2019 16.08.2019

Providing open space at Bus Stops and other places on rent basis to
Government / Semi Government Offices, Bank & Other Government Owned Institutions

General Standing Order 799/2019 09.03.2019

Revision of commission for AWATAR Franchisees for advance reservation

Circular 484/2018 22.11.2018

About the revision of rates set for the adoption of Ground Based Masts in Corporation's premises

Circular 483/2018 09.11.2018

Concession on monthly licensing fees for Hopcoms, KMF and its subsidiary milk consortium at bus stops

Circular 1459/2018 02.11.2018

About setting up a security deposit for AWATAR private advance booking agents

Circular 453/2018 08.05.2018

Revision of rates for establishing ATM counters at the Corporation's bus stops.

Circular 452/2018 23.04.2018

About sanctioning Nandini Milk Outlets for KMF and its subsidiary milk federations at kkrtc Bus Stations

General Standing Order 156/2018 24.08.2018

Selection and management of licensees for commercial stores

Circular 446/2018 23.03.2018

About selling specific items in commercial oulets at bus stops of kkrtc

Addendum 743 13.10.2017

Addendum to GSO-743

Circular 425/2017 10.10.2017

About inviting tenders through e-Procurement for the purpose of commercial outlets / commercial space
/ maintenanace of cleaning

Circular 1370/2017 16.02.2017

About increasing the compensation amount of the Accident Relief Fund

General Standing Order 141/2016 19.11.2016

Selecting Single person / agency for the cleaning of bus stopsas contractors

General Standing Order 131/2015 31.03.2015 Rationalization of cancellation, preponement and postponement slabs for advance reservation tickets (AWATAR).
General Standing Order 743/2014 10.01.2014

Appointment of Franchisees for advance reservations and other transactions at places outside Karnataka State.

General Standing Order 86/12-13 08.05.2012

Providing compensation in accident cases

General Standing Order 52/2010 17.06.2010 Rationalising the licensing proceedure of maintenanace of Toilets, Urinals in Bus stands and cleaning of Bus Stand premises.
General Standing Order 20/2008 28.08.2008 Providing compensation to victims
General Standing Order 493 02.05.2001 Maintenanace of Toilets, Urinals in Bus stands and cleaning of Bus Stand premises.

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